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Starting from Buckingham Palace in London on Thursday 13th July 2023, my good friend Mick and I will embark on an exciting bike ride to Barcelona. This adventure is not only a test of endurance but also a heartfelt endeavour to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and Children with Cancer UK.

Our route will take us through the centre of France, up into Andorra (over the Pyrenees mountains!), and down into Barcelona, where we will finish 12 days later. Around 900 miles and 50,000 feet of elevation..

During our journey, we will have the pleasure of passing through the ski resort of Soldeu. This location adds an extra touch of excitement to our adventure as it holds fond memories for Mick and myself. A place of many ski adventures, ski instructing for us both, and where I met my better half - Renata.

Follow our progress as we pedal through the stunning landscapes, overcoming challenges, and celebrating each milestone.

And… you could even donate through the just-giving page to help us raise invaluable funds for these two important charities.


How can you help?! can sponsor us for it!

Sixteen years ago (21st March 2007) my mum lost her long battle against breast cancer. She had done some great work in helping to raise funds for the charity that was very important to her – Breast Cancer Now, and I am continued this in her absence, since then I have raised £26,000 for Breast Cancer Now via various marathons, triathlons, bike rides and concerts. Plus riding from Lands End to John O’Groats in 2021 with Mick, raising an extra £3,000.

This year I have decided to make a switch in Cancer Charity to Cancer Research UK and Children with Cancer.

The motivation behind this stems from the experiences of two cherished friends who have bravely battled cancer recently, Mick being one of them. Witnessing their strength and resilience has fuelled the determination to make a positive impact, and by supporting Cancer Research UK, we can all contribute to their groundbreaking research, vital treatments, and compassionate care for those affected by cancer.

... so, if you are able to donate some ££ this year, big or small, it would really help make this ride all that more special. Money raised will be split between the two charities and will make a valuable difference.

AND… James is running the London Marathon with Renata in April next year - so money raised will help with this fund raising target.

Thanks so much,

James & Mick…

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